How To Fight COVID Fatigue

As we approach March, who else is thinking “I cannot believe we have been dealing with this for almost a year”? I know, I hear you, and I completely agree! This HAS been going on forever. First of all, I want you all to give yourselves a pat on the back. Seriously! Who would have thought we would be going through a pandemic, much less this long?! You all deserve acknowledgement on how well you have been maintaining safe practices! This has not been an easy adjustment but you’ve adjusted, in a way some of you may have thought impossible.


So, how do you know if you have what people refer to as Covid Fatigue? Do you feel a lack of motivation? Are you more irritable than normal? Do you feel more stressed than usual? Are you having difficulty sleeping at night? Are you finding yourself overeating/over-drinking? If you have answered yes to any/all of these chances are you’re experiencing Covid Fatigue. So what can you do about it? Here’s a few recommendations that have been proven to help.


Stay Connected with Friends and Family (from a distance)

Maintaining regular communication with close friends and family is a MUST. You can arrange Facetime, Zoom, or other video communication with friends or family. Do this often. Not sure how to use video communication programs, just ask. People are happy to share their knowledge with you!

Plan surprise drop offs (they don’t have to be expensive) for those you care about. It can be a meal, so they don’t have to cook one night, a care package of baked goods or a coffee/tea to let them know you’re thinking of them. You will not believe the boost of serotonin this will give the other person, not to mention you. Remember the saying “giving is better than receiving”. Not only are you helping others, you are helping yourself by increasing your happiness. “Continually give, continually gain” 

– Chinese Proverb.

Maintain Schedules

Whether it’s business as usual, you are working from home or off of work due to Covid, it is important to keep/set schedules. You should try to start your day with exercise, even 5 minutes will help. This could be stretching, cardio, weights, etc. It will give you a burst of endorphins to battle those feelings of stress and lack of motivation.

Try to wake at the same time everyday. Shower and get ready as if it were pre covid. The act of getting ready, putting on makeup, shaving, doing the norm will help improve your mood.
Set aside specific time for work, schoolwork, chores, family time, and healthy activities, this will help with negative feelings.

Adapt to Changes

Rules and regulations change often. Resolve to do your part in keeping up with the guidelines. When new ones come in to place, with this mindset, you will be ready.

Adjust to the seasons. Winter is the toughest, so plan for home improvement projects or craft projects during this time. Keep yourself busy. Consider learning a new hobby like knitting, sewing, jewellery making, painting, wood burning, or building model cars. Pick something that intrigues you and be patient with yourself.

Spring through fall, make it your goal to be outside everyday. Sunshine is a drug, a good one. Take advantage of it as often as you can. You can do your new hobby outdoors as well.

Be Forgiving

Everyone is going through their own form of grief. They may have lost a loved one due to Covid or simply just during this pandemic and were not able to grieve as one normally would. Ones may have lost jobs or businesses. Others are struggling with feelings of isolation, of missing their friends and family. BE KIND! You do not know what others are going through. If someone says something rude to you, pushes past you, or cuts you off on the road, try to be forgiving. Your act of kindness could change their whole day. Remember, there may be a day when you require someone else’s forgiveness.

The bottom line is, we are all in this together. Some are struggling more than others. Show kindness to everyone amidst these hard times and you never know, you just might be the best part of someone else’s day!


*Covid Fatigue is not a medical condition. Always consult your doctor if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms to rule out other possibilities.


Alicia K