While having your hair done, have you heard the words uttered, “I am just going to mix up your toner.” What exactly is a toner and what exactly does it do? Let us delve into the answers for you. 

What is a toner? 

Toner is a product that is applied to hair that contains pigments that are stronger than your typical coloured (ie. purple) shampoos. It will not permanently alter the hair, however it allows your stylist to customize your colour, adding more warmth or neutralizing brassy hair. It’s primary use is to personalize your lightened hair to the desired blonde (ie.silver, platinum, honey, natural, rose gold etc). 

How long does a toner last?

Your toner will last anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks. The condition of your hair as well as what you are using to wash your hair will determine whether you get 3 weeks or 6 weeks out of your toner.  Also, if you are someone who washes your hair everyday, your toner will wash out much sooner than someone who washes her hair once or twice a week. 

How can you help your toner last longer? 

Product really DOES matter. Drug store brands have harsh surfactants that can wash that coveted toner out of your hair in a heartbeat. Be sure to use a shampoo and conditioner without parabens and sulfates. Always use a UV heat protector when styling. True heat protectors will protect your hair up to 450 degrees. Most people do not need their hot tools at maximum temperature so be sure to ask your stylist what they would recommend for your personalized temperature. When in doubt, start at 350 and move up from there. 

Is toner just for blonde or pre-lightened hair? 

No, not at all. Toner is a great way to refresh lifeless ends when you get a root retouch. Toner adds shine and depth back into the hair. If you are feeling your hair is lacking something, a toner is a must! 

If you have any further questions regarding toners, be sure to talk to your stylist. We are here to answer any questions you have about your hair. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Alicia K