How To Choose the Right Dry Shampoo For You

With so many dry shampoos on the market these days, how do you choose? Here to make your life a little easier, are the answers to a number of questions you may have wondered. Let’s dive right in.

What is dry shampoo? Who is it for? Dry shampoo is made up of an alcohol or starch that absorbs oil and grease giving it a cleaner, fresher appearance to prolong that wash day. Anyone can use it on day two, three, four, (oh you get the idea) to stretch out the dreaded task of washing your hair or maybe just to add volume to those lazy, slept on locks. It does not take the place of your regular shampoo. You still need to cleanse your hair at least weekly to remove excess product build up.

Aerosol or Powder, which is better? Both are amazing in their own ways!  

Aerosol is a convenient option, used by spraying in sections, throughout the hair, approximately 8-10 inches from scalp. Always be sure to read the labels as not all dry shampoos are alike. Some contain harsh chemicals. If you are unsure, always ask your stylist.

Powder is fabulous for fine hair. It also works wonders in keeping braids together as it gives the texture and grip needed, while still being light. It is first choice for those who are conscious of environment and air particulate pollutants. With powders, you will also have to use in sections, throughout the hair. It is always recommended to take a final check to be sure there are not any over applied areas in the hair (from too much product). If there are, you can easily shake out the section that has been over applied.

Does my hair type matter when choosing a dry shampoo? Yes! There are specific dry shampoos for different textures. For extra dry and damaged hair types, you can still use dry shampoo, just be sure to reach for a nourishing dry shampoo. For fine hair types, usually powder is best. There are also coloured dry shampoos as well for those who are looking to stretch their colour appointment an extra week or so.

Drugstore vs Salon product? Bottom line is you get what you pay for. What you purchase from the drugstores are definitely made to be cost effective. What this means is you will find hidden toxins that can lead to problems later on. Your stylist and salon have highly recommended specific products because they stand behind them and can attest to their ability. Some salon products come from companies that are very earth friendly and that means doing things the ethical way, but not the cheapest way. You can be rest assured you are getting quality for your hair and scalp, and let’s face it… You’re worth it.

Last but not least…

Can you handle the scent? While this is not an indicator of how great the product is or how well it preforms, we are all scent conscious so choose a scent that you love and can live with throughout the day.